Best Shaving Cream | American Made Barbasol

Best Shaving Cream | American Made Barbasol

Barbasol conjures up images of my old man demanding a smooth shave every morning before work. I would see that familiar striped can being casually tossed back in his mens toiletry bag and instantly know the next part of his ritual, the epic splash of the original Old Spice. This author is guilty of using this American made brand and is likely to admit it is the best shaving cream made in USA.

Beards Meet Your Worst Enemy … Barbasol

Founded in 1919 and still going strong today, Barbasol lives on a crowded shelf littered with repurposed women’s products repackaged for men. Yes, that was an intentional dig to all of the perfume smelling men’s skin products that are out there.

The science behind Barbasol is serious. It was created by MIT professor Frank Shields. He came up with the name from the Roman word ‘barba,’ meaning beard, and ‘solution.’ Hence, the barber’s smooth shave solution. Like many humble beginnings, Barbasol tubes were filled entirely by hand in a small second-floor room in Indianapolis. On a good day, they good crank out 30-40 dozen tubes.

Barbasol is Smart by Design

What does it take to be the best shaving cream? Well for starters, when 80% of men who use Barbasol are 100% loyal to the brand that tends to help. This battle tested beast has ensured countless servicemen in both World Wars had a smooth shave when they arrived back home. Babe Ruth used and endorsed it. The Babe! It was even featured in Jurassic Park.

Barbasol Circa 1919

Best Shaving Cream – Founded 1919

The 10oz. Barbasol Shaving Cream is 100% Made in USA and will guarantee you a smooth shave every time. That’s reason enough to be labeled the best shaving cream in town. But if that’s not enough, we racked up a few more convincing stats for you. Barbasol:

  • does not test on animals
  • is gluten-free
  • is Casein-free

Who knew gluten-free, right? The next time you are hacking your way down the men’s skincare aisle at the grocery store grab a can of the true American legend, Barbasol. It will give you a smooth shave and is the best shaving cream made in USA.