Blendtec Blenders - Manufactured in the USA

Blendtec Blenders – Manufactured in the USA

“Making life smoother” is the famous line referring to Blendtec’s state of the art blenders. Blendtec employs hundreds of Americans who build these high-tech blenders in a facility in Utah. That’s right, the manufacturing is done right here in the USA. Blendtec, providing jobs for Americans deserves a shout out from

Blender from Blendtec "wildside"

“Will it blend?”

Blendtec Blenders are all-in-one appliances that can do anything from making smoothies and ice cream to cappuccinos and soup . I hear you may even be able to blend your cell phone?! (I think the warrantee would be void if you tried that). Some of their blenders have the exclusive Blendtec Smart Touch Tec-nology. With this technology, you can set the blend cycle and let the blender do the rest. It will automatically shut off when the cycle is over and you have perfection every time.

Whether you are a smoothie snoot or a cool cappuccino, Blendtec blenders will fit your taste. See for yourself.

Sourced by: The McKenzies, FL