Bow Ties | Wickham House | Made in USA

Bow Ties | Wickham House | Made in USA

Custom bow ties, made in USA, by the husband and wife team over at Wickham House. These bow ties make a definite fashion statement, will increase your IQ by at least 100 points, and in a pinch, will spin like a helicopter to get you out of those awkward cocktail party conversations.

We are very partial to “The Paul” American-made bow tie. It is made from 100% cotton flannel in green, yellow and red classic plaid and is adjustable up to 18″ with an easy-to-use slider.

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American-made Bowties

Wickham House is a very cool American brand which makes each and every self-tie bowtie by hand. They are based out of Florida and create a variety of men’s accessories including bow ties, ties and pocket squares.

Pictures of bowties for Wickham House's Bowtie of the Month Club

Simply Bowtie Bliss

Owning and learning to tie your very first bow tie is life-changing. Afterwards, you will have an unquenchable thirst to acquire more bow ties. Luckily, Wickham House has the cure with their BOTMC  (Bowtie of the Month Club). They have 3, 6 and 12-month membership levels available for a very affordable price. But in our not-so-humble opinion there’s only one option, a year full of wool, flannel, cotton, velvet and silk bowties arriving at your door waiting to be adorned for your next outing.

Wickham House, American-made bowties, get yours today!