luxory horween leather ipad case

Best Designer Leather iPad 2 3 Case | Made in the USA

Chicago based Defy Bags Horween leather iPad case proudly made in the USA combines aesthetic beauty with the simplicity that your favorite Apple pastime craves. Hand-crafted, measured, and cut from the finest leather.

Handcrafted Horween leather iPad case

Handcrafted Horween Leather iPad Case

Founded in 2008, Defy has a nasty habit of manufacturing elegant, durable goods by artisans. Every iPad sleeve they create in their custom studio, not some factory, screams meticulous attention to detail. This obsession translates to a level of quality that is often talked but rarely walked. Their often throwback inspired look hails from the usage of durable vintage and reclaimed materials.

Our recommendation is to purchase an Apple iPad just to put inside of the best designer iPad 2 / 3 case cover folio – made in the USA – that you will ever find. Your investment deserves a worthy dance partner.

Fits iPad 2 & iPad 3 both with and without the smart cover.