Comfortable Men's Pants Brushed Twill | Made in USA | Alex Maine

Comfortable Men’s Pants Brushed Twill | Made in USA | Alex Maine

Today, we are excited to feature these brushed twill prime men’s pants made in the USA. However, today is much more about pants for we are introducing Alex Maine to our audience for the very first time. We plan to feature them often and for a very good reason – their clothes are so comfortable, so stylish, and their mission hits home.

Brushed Twill Prime Pants by Alex Maine, stone wash

Introducing the most comfortable pants you’ll ever own.

The most comfortable pants you have ever known are waiting for you at Alex Maine. The Brush Twill 5 pocket pant is sleep ready yet looks so good you will want to share them with the rest of the world. And their custom signature “Prime cut” is a match made in heaven for your legs. Let’s face it, they crave freedom and comfort.

Size and Cut Description Chart for Alex Maine Pants

Cut for Your Comfort

Alex Maine is a relatively new company founded in 2011 with the mission to “Create jobs, Buy American, Go America!” They produce 100% of their product line in the USA. Their founder, Bron Heussenstamm, is the grandson of a Pearl Harbor survivor. Bron is passionate about restoring (reversing the outsourcing of American jobs). According to the Alex Maine website, “In 2009, 97% of all U.S. clothing purchased was produced by foreign factories.”

Alex Maine Company Logo

Interesting Fact: The Alex Maine logo includes a flag facing west (backwards from normal), a tribute to how the U.S. Armed forces wear the American flag on their uniforms during combat.

UPDATE: Alex Maine founder Bron Heussenstamm shared some exciting news with us. Alex Maine is now available at!