Shot-Shell Men's Leather Belt | Made in USA by Over Under

Shot-Shell Men’s Leather Belt | Made in USA by Over Under

There’s a great story about a man named Mr. Cannon in a coastal Georgia island called St. Simon. Back in the 1700’s this gentleman built a little college. Little did he know that his hard work would inspire Over & Under to craft a unique and refined looking men’s leather belt, made in the USA, called the “Cannon’s Point Belt“.

This durable, rugged, and yet classical men’s leather belt is made from 100% genuine English bridle leather. If you have been reading RedWhiteBlue, you know we love our high quality, American made, leather goods. What makes this beautiful men’s leather belt distinctive and a must have for any gentleman is the custom shot-shell on the keeper. It is available in single and multi shot-shell styles.

  • 100% English bridal leather
  • 1-14″ width to fit dress and casual pants
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Signature Over Under shot-shell on keeper
  • Custom gold foil stamping of Over Under logo and company motto “Preserving the Sporting Lifestyle.”
  • Made in USA
Picture of a leather belt with shot-shell on the keeper

Over Under Shot-Shell Men’s┬áLeather Belt

The Company

Over Under is truly American made. They take serious pride in their craftsman ship and understand all too well that reputation is everything. That is why they are obsessed with ensuring their high quality apparel and accessories is made with only American grown and manufactured products. They also have a strong passion for protecting the wetlands and at risk dogs and make donations to nonprofit organizations such as Ducks Unlimited North American and Lab Rescue shelters.

In the words of Over Under’s founder, Bryan D. Horn, “We took our appreciation for high quality, traditional clothing, our genuine love for man’s best friend and our desire to help ‘Preserve the Sporting Lifestyle,’ mixed the three ingredients together and the outcome was just too good to keep all to ourselves.”