Okabashi Brands Sandals | American Made Shoes

For over 25 years experience, family owned Okabashi has been producing 100% recyclable shoes, made in USA. Okabashi cares about your feet and your planet. You could say they have heart and sole – they said it first! It is no secret that their success lies in their ability to balance the key fundamental elements of what makes exceptional footwear – support, comfort, quality and affordability.

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Only $17.99

All Okabashi brand shoes include a massaging insole, are anti-microbial, and backed by a generous 2-year guarantee. Let’s break that down further:

  • The messaging insole is a collection of reflexology-inspired massage beads.
  • Supportive contours ensure that your pronation is properly managed.
  • Okabashi shoes are made from a special patented blend of plastics called Microplast.
  • They are the only footwear manufactured to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.
  • After you are finished with a pair of shoes they kindly request that you send them back to Okabashi in order to be recycled as part of their post-consumer recycling program.

Did we mention that when you treat your feet to these fun and fresh looking shoes you can also slyly proclaim that they are “dishwasher safe”? Go ahead, try it…

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A $16.99 Bargain

These American-made shoes are made in Buford, GA using a zero-waste manufacturing process. They are vegan-friendly, extremely durable, and start at the ever-so affordable price point of $14.99. Okabashi offers free shipping on orders over $40 and claims to have sold more than 25 million pairs of shoes. Think of all the bare feet they have saved from scorching sand!