Black Armored Trunk

American Made Rhino Indestructo Airline Trunk | Made in USA Luggage

With a name like Rhino Trunk & Case you except it to be strong, durable, and made in the USA. Today, we can check all three. While this manufacturer produces a wide assortment of trunks and cases which serve purposes from airplane luggage to holding ice cold refreshments, today we are going to focus on the Rhino Indestructo Airline Trunk or as we like to call simply, The Tank.

Please don’t let the unadorned black exterior fool you for a magician’s box. This beast is a high-tech armored truck with one goal in mind to protect your valuable innards from the bumps, bruises, and cavity searches it will undoubtedly experience en route to your favorite destination.

Two black airline trunks on top of one another

Baggage Handlers Meet Your Match

The Rhino Indestructo Airline Trunk does meet the airline carryon size and weight dimensions, is available in two sizes, and features easy-to-use, removable, nickel plated steel wheels rated for 200 pounds. The more you dive into the specs of this monster the more it sounds like a DARPA funded black project. The exterior is constructed of RhinoTech high-impact fiber composite and is hand-crafted using aviation rivet technology. The latches, hinges and accompanying hardware are built from ultra heavy duty proprietary zinc plated steel. Edges are reinforced and protected using heavy gauge polymer.

Rhino throws in a lifetime warranty not that they expect it will ever need to be used. The Rhino Indestructo Airline Truck is a cool sounding, armored trunk and gets our seal of approval for the most durable American-made luggage you will ever need. Yet another fine made in USA find.