Made in USA Hawaiian Men's Shirt | Reyn Spooner

Made in USA Hawaiian Men’s Shirt | Reyn Spooner

If a New England designer took up surfing and moved to Hawaii you would get a style similar to Reyn Spooner. Their “new” aloha pareau men’s shirt, made in USA, should be a staple in your closet.

Reyn Spooner

Reyn Spooner is dear to our hearts with their heritage stemming from Catalina Island in California back in the late 1940’s. This humble haberdashery moved further westward to Hawaii. There, under a little grass shack, Reyn created custom swimwear with just a single sewing machine.

Dubbed “the Brooks Brothers of the Pacific” in the 1960’s, Reyn brought the Hawaiian shirt to the masses. Also to Mr. Spooner’s credit was the creation of Aloha Fridays which received simultaneous approval by the Hawaii Fashion Guild and curators of

Their “classic collection” is timeless Hawaiian while their “modern collection” is sure to make a splash with the younger audience. Their fine men’s clothes are a marriage of style and comfort. While┬ánot all of their men’s shirts are made in USA (It varies by style), we found their “new” aloha pareau men’s shirt catch our Sam Axe fashion sense.

"new" aloha pareau

“New” Aloha Pareau Men’s Shirt – Made in USA

The Aloha Pareau shirt is made in USA, Hawaii to be exact. It features:

  • Simple two tone floral print.
  • Button Front
  • Short Sleeve Placket Frt w/Pkt & Shirttail.
  • 100% Island Cotton

Send a positive message by buying their shirts labeled “Made in Hawaii” and help bring more production back stateside. A few more made in USA styles are listed below. We like Reyn Spooner’s style for men’s clothing.

"new" lahaina ltd edition

“New” Lahaina Ltd Edition – Made in USA

Reyn Spooner - ichimatsu

Ichimatsu – Made in USA

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