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American-Made Cheese Boards | Brooklyn Slate Co.

An homage to Fred Flinstones’ employer (Slate Rock) or boredom from using the status-quo plateware, born is Brooklyn Slate Co.. We fell in love with their unique cheese boards made in USA.

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American-Made Slate Cheese Boards

Founders Sean Tice and Kristy Hadeka are the creative force behind Brooklyn Slate Co. Tice is a graphic designer by trade while Kristy is a graduate student from Parsons. All cheese boards are made from 100% American natural slate from Kristy’s family slate quarry in upstate New York and Vermont. They are hand picked then transported to their Red Hook, Brooklyn studio for cleaning and the final touches. For instance, the rustic aggressive edge is achieved by chipping the edges with a slate cutter.¬†Everything is made in small batches. Every cheese board is unique in just about every way.

In addition to slate cheese boards, Brooklyn Slate Co. makes American-made serving trays, coasters, placemats and even cool garden markers using the same hand-crafted techniques.

Brooklyn Slate Founders

Brooklyn Slate Co. Founders – Sean & Kristy

Slate serves as a beautiful natural surface for serving cheeses & hors d’oeuvres. These USA cheese boards are available in two colors – red and black – and various sizes:

  • Single cheese plating 7″ x 12″
  • Multiple cheese plating 10″ x 14″
  • Multiple cheese plating 12″ x 18″
Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board

Available in two colors.

Every cheese board features:

  • Slate sourced from New York + Vermont, USA
  • Anti-slip cork padded feet
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food safe and non-porous
  • Ultra-high durability
  • Low maintenance (just wipe it down with a few drops of mineral oil twice a year)
Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board

Soapstone + Cheese Board = Creative Fun

Once you place an order, Brookly Slate Co. pairs your unique American-made cheese board with a reusable burlap bag (makes nice for storing and serves as a unique place mat) and soapstone chalk to spark your presentation creativity.