black soap made from goat's milk

Black Soap | Hudson Soap Company | Made in USA

What do black soap, goats milk soap, and a soap company in NY all have in common? Hudson Made, a small batch soap company making fancy goats milk back soap, all made in the USA.

black soap made by hudson made

Excellent for Delicate and Dry Skin

Black soap is something of a delicacy and Hudson Made, NY, has an expert touch. Their black soap is lightly scented and makes the perfect gift, addition to your dressed to impress guest bath, or as your go-to daily driver.

black soap made from goat's milk in the usa

Regional products. Small batches. Made by hand.

Fancy, black soap, made by hand from all natural – certified organic whenever possible – ingredients. Hudson Made soap company incorporates mineral-rich volcanic ash and fresh, small batches of pasture raised Nubian goats milk. Crafted in the Catskill Mountains and hand poured and cut, no two bars of soap are alike.

two bars of goats milk black soap stacked on top of each other

No two soap bars are alike.

This regional 4oz. black soap bar, made in the USA, is hand poured and cut. Hudson Made’s slow curing process guarantees superb quality. Black soap made with goats milk is perfect for delicate or dry skin due to its natural high butterfat, protein content and gentle foaming characteristics.

P.S. They offer free shipping on all orders in the continental U.S.