Condenser Mic | MiC by Apogee | Best Microphone Made in USA

Condenser Mic | MiC by Apogee | Best Microphone Made in USA

Today, we give you the nail-in-the-coffin excuse for why you need an iPad. So you can record your podcast, vocals, voice-overs, interviews and pretty much anything with Apogee’s MiC, studio quality condenser mic, Made in USA. This is the best microphone in the $150-$200 range.

MiC in front of drums

The American Made Best Microphone

Not only is the MiC the best microphone Made in USA but it is also the first condenser mic to make a direct connection with your iOS devices like the ever popular iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone, and even your Mac. Combine the MiC with GarageBand’s feature-rich iPad app and you have an ultra-portable studio with the ability to build and edit tracks right on the spot. Who would have thought to make a studio quality condenser mic plug and play with the Apple iPad? Apogee. More about them in a moment.

Apogee MiC Features

Features of the Apogee USB Condenser Mic

MiC, the Best Microphone, Features:

  • PureDigital technology for professional sound quality
  • Cardioid condenser mic (the ones you find in studios)
  • 44.1/48 kHz 24bit analog to digital conversion
  • Built-in preamp with up to 40dB gain
  • Plug and play, bus-powered, no external power or batteries required
  • Easily-to-adjust input level via control knob
  • Multicolor LED to indicate input level and status
  • Optimized for both vocals and acoustic recording
  • Great for podcasts, voice overs, interviews, and DSLR video audio
  • Full metal body enclosure
  • Ultra-portable, about the size of an iPhone
  • Plays nicely with lots of software including GarageBand
  • Made in USA

For those of you wanting to know more about the company behind this ingenius condenser mic here you go. Apogee Electronics, a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, was founded in 1985. Their early goals revolved around solving many of the problems associated with digital audio such as analog-to-digital conversion.

Woman Singing into Apogee MiC Condenser Mic

Excellent Portable Condenser Mic for Vocals

Today, Apogee creates a range of cutting-edge audio interfaces and converters that are at the forefront of studio recording technology. Their latest products such as the USB condenser micMiC” and JAM are bringing unparalleled audio capabilities, once exclusively available to the discerning audio professional, now, to the masses. Technical achievements aside, we think the MiC is the best microphone for the simple fact that it is American made!