Finest Salame by Olli Salumeria | Made in USA

Finest Salame by Olli Salumeria | Made in USA

Foodies and pork nerds perk up! This review is about American-made salame (the Italian spelling for ‘salami’). That’s right, the real deal is dry cured and made here in the USA, Manakin Sabot, Virginia to be exact. Olli Salumeria combines a 160-year old family recipe with the high quality pasture-raised pigs to create the most exceptional tasting salami you have ever known.

Olli Salumeria features the following Salame:

  • Toscano Salame
  • Norcino Salame
  • Napoli Salame
  • Molisana Salame (personal favorite!)
  • Calabrese Salame
Sliced Molisana Salame on cutting board

160 Years in the Making

Oliviero ‘Olli’ Colmignoli, the co-founder and master salumiere, is responsible for perfecting this dry cured pork cuisine. Only the best ingredients and process is used – spices are hand-rubbed, and the “cure” takes place at very low temperatures.

Let’s back up, how does one become a “salumiere”? In Olli’s case, it’s in his DNA. He comes from a long line of salumi makers in Rome. Most of his life has been spent perfecting the craft for your enjoyment. Honor Olli and purchase the finest made in USA salami ever known by Olli Salumeria.