Custom Wooden Cigar Box Speakers | Gifts for Men - Made in the USA

Custom Wooden Cigar Box Speakers | Gifts for Men – Made in the USA

You do not have to be a cigar aficionado to enjoy the sweet and relaxing experience which is contained inside a cigar box. Introducing beautifully handcrafted custom cedar cigar box powered speakers made in the USA.

wooden cigar boxes converted into speakers

The sweet sound of made in the USA.

To set sail on a smoke-free relaxing mood enhancing experience all these self-powered speakers need is an audio source like your favorite MP3 player. The 2.5″ anodized aluminum cone with neodymium magnet structure combined with a 3/4″ copper tube port create natural and full body sounds. The internal 10 watt amp delivers a perfect 55 – 15,000 Hz 3dB frequency. They contain a universal 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and plug into a normal 120 volt wall outlet.

For the non audiophiles, the tuned cigar boxes themselves are made of exquisite cedar with a satin lacquer finish and contain their original brass hardware. These iPod / iPhone / computer speakers are perfect for anyone who loves good music (or a good cigar) and is looking to add a unique, conversational piece guaranteed to grab attention.

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