Kym Timpano of NoNetz - American Made Movement Podcast

Kym Timpano of NoNetz – American Made Movement Podcast

A group of women come to the rescue for boys (and mothers) fed up with chaffing and irritation from guys swim trunks. Hear the story behind this remarkable company, NoNetz.

In this week’s episode of The American Made Movement Podcast, you will learn about NoNetz – ridiculously comfortable swimwear for men. This exclusive interview with Kym Timpano, CEO and co-founder, includes:

  • The trials they had to overcome to even make it to market
  • The staggering cost comparison to dedicate making swimwear in the USA vs. outsourcing to China
  • A heartfelt personal interest story of how sisters came together to help one that was in need
  • How NoNetz solves a fundamental flaw with current boys swimwear
  • What’s to come in 2013

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We would like to give a very special thank you to Kym, Cathy, and Sue over at NoNetz. You truly are a valued partner and have helped immensely!