Greeting Cards for Living Life | Maggie's Quill, Inc.

Greeting Cards for Living Life | Maggie’s Quill, Inc.

I am proud to feature today a VERY funny, amazing, accomplished woman Margaret-Maevis Claudia Sharp, and her company Maggie’s Quill, Inc. Greeting Cards. Maggie’s greeting cards are printed in the USA on recycled paper. Each greeting card comes in a soft bone color and has a matching envelope. Something special about Maggie’s cards, every antique family photograph is identified on the back of the card as well as the date of the photograph, example “Circa-1947”. Maggie’s greeting cards also feature “charming die-cuts and nostalgic black photo corners”. Did I mention, they are proudly printed in the USA?

Humorous Card


As I read through the funny greeting cards I find myself laughing out loud at the profound truths written on the cards. You can find a card for any occasion and can never go wrong with the beautiful, funny and unique vintage photographs portrayed on each card.

Maggie’s Quill has won 2 Louie Awards. For those of you who do not know what the Louie Award is, it is an award established by the Greeting Card Association to recognize creative excellence within the greeting card and stationary industry. This is a great accomplishment given that there were almost 2,000 entrants.

Maggie and Louie Award

Maggie showing her Louie Award

Maggie is not only a creative card writer, she is also a poet. She won the Will Rogers Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Advancement of Contemporary Cowboy Skills – as National Lady Cowboy Poet of 1996 – from the Academy of Western Artists. Each year a different woman will win this award but year after year, Maggie is still nominated.

Thinking of you Prayer card

Thinking of You Prayer Greeting Card

If you are looking for unique, funny and creative greeting cards that are made in the USA, look no further than Maggie’s Quill. You can view her greeting cards online or request a “Mail Order Catalog”. That sounds like “Mail Order Bride”. Did I mention that Maggie was a real life Mail Order Bride. She recommends that you do not purchase a husband by mail due to the price of the return policy if they become annoying.

Maggie’s Quill Greeting Cards are made from the heart and truly give great insight to Maggie’s wonderful sense of humor, vigor for life and love for being an American.