Bobble water bottle

Bobble Water Bottle – Made in the USA

Imagine, black pavement, no breeze, the heat from the sun penetrating your skin as perspiration drips off of your body. Your mouth and throat parched, yearning for the cool, crisp, pure saturation of water from your Bobble water bottle. With the Bobble water bottle, made in the USA, you can have purified water anywhere. This Bobble water bottle filters as you drink with its carbon-based filter and the bottle is BPA free. Say goodbye to the taste of chlorine and other contaminates (YUCK) that are found in regular tap water. With airport restrictions on water bottles, you can take it empty and fill it in any fountain in any city and be confident you have pure, fresh drinking water with your Bobble water bottle.

Bobble water bottle

Cleaner planet, fatter wallet.

For those of us that care about style, this funky fresh water bottle comes in various sizes and colors. For those of us who care about the planet, the Bobble water bottle is recyclable. For those of us who care about our wallets, the Bobble water bottle is refillable. The filter can handle up to 300 cycles, that’s 300 water bottles you don’t have to pay for. You do the math. Happy planet, fatter wallet, made in the USA, you can’t go wrong with the Bobble water bottle.

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