Trunk Mount Bike Rack Made in USA | Saris Bones RS

Trunk Mount Bike Rack Made in USA | Saris Bones RS

Saris is the epitome of an American company doing it right. Saris delivers top-notch bike racks made in the USA and today we are proud to feature their Bones RS Trunk Mount Rack Bike.

picture of red trunk mount bike rack

$15 from each Red Bones Rack will support World Bicycle Relief

This American made trunk mount bike rack has it all.

  • A fresh look that we dig thanks to their design roots with Fabio Pedrini.
  • The ability to adjust to fit your bikes and car on the fly with independently moveable injection molded legs and arms.
  • Three point quick release straps to securely fasten each bike.
  • Built with 100% recyclable, non-rusting materials.
  • Awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars by Bicycling Magazine.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Made in the USA!

    seal with lifetime warranty, made in the usa, american flag

    Saris Lifetime Warranty – Made in the USA

OK. Enough bragging about this trunk mount bike rack with surreal strength and fun design let’s get back to the amazing company, Saris.

First the name. Why Saris? Because back in 1989 the founders, Chris and Sara, purchased a family-owned bicycle rack company in Madison, WI and renamed it using a combination of their names.

Saris Cycle Racks Logo

Sara + Chris = Saris

Saris supports over 20 organizations! They are passionate about supporting their local communities and the environment. Their active approach combines working on local and national efforts to create more space for cyclists thus reducing congestion, pollution, and helping people get in better shape.

This domestic manufacturer, with serious roots in the state of Wisconsin, satisfies strong international demand for their products reaching as far as Asia and to over 50 countries world wide. Their headquarters is an old farm house. Behind it resides their production facilities which spans the length of two football fields. Now that is being resourceful.

Farm house in Madison, WI where Saris Cycle Racks global headquarters resides.

Saris Global Headquarters

Here’s a great video on their commitment to producing bike racks made in the USA. After watching, grab your Saris Bones RS Trunk Mount Bike Rack and plan for some serious pedaling.