USA Jeans | All American Clothing Co.

USA Jeans | All American Clothing Co.

The DNA of family owned All American Clothing Co. must consist of denim strands for this company was built on a reputation. What might that reputation be? A reputation for selling USA jeans.

In 2002, All American Clothing Co. co-founder, Lawson Nickol, was enjoying a nice job as a sales manager for a USA jeans manufacturer. His career and reputation was built on selling a product that was proudly American-made.

Unfortunately, his employer was sneaking behind Old Liberty’s back and having rendezvous with another country. As fate would have it, this indiscretion was discovered by chance when Lawson was shopping at a retail store. He found a new style of his employer’s jeans that he had not seen before. To further frustrate matters, the label text read clearly “Made in Mexico”. Days later his conscious required him to quit his job.

Made in USA Certified™

Since then, Lawson’s family has made entrepreneurial sacrifices to see his life-long passion come to life in the All American Clothing Co., and we are proud to feature them on

Co-founder Lawson Nickol with his son.

Co-Founder Lawson Nickol with his son.

What makes this company so unique? In our humble opinion it starts with the obsession for true traceability. All American Clothing Co. is the only USA jean company to tell you exactly the USA farm and mill that was responsible for the making of your jeans. Think of it has a VIN for your jeans. Watch the included video below to learn more about this innovative and unique aspect of All American Clothing Co.

According to Lawson Nickol, “All American Clothing Co. competes in an industry that is considered to be 97% foreign made.” How do they assure consumers that they are in the top 3%? By having a third party hold All American Clothing Co. to higher standards than even the FTC rules require – products must be certified as having all or virtually all of their core components manufactured or grown in the United States of America, as well as 100% of their assembly conducted in the U.S. A. All American Clothing Co. meets these requirements and qualifies for the Made in USA Certified™ seal. You can find clothing from All American Clothing Co. made in states such as Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky (Go Cards), Texas and Wisconsin.

As for their jeans, we like the AA Regular Jean – Dark Stonewash and the ladies’ Phoenix Jean. The styles are classic and you cannot beat the price. All American Clothing Co. also offers a generous 90-day return policy.

All American Clothing Co. Men's Jeans

Men’s AA Regular Jean – Dark Stonewash

All American Clothing Co. Ladies' Phoenix Jean

Ladies’ Phoenix Jean

Check out All American Clothing Co. 100% made in USA jeans today and tell them sent you.