USA Jeans | Longhorn Jean Company

USA Jeans | Longhorn Jean Company

Husband and wife founders Matt and Amanda Kimes created the Longhorn Jean Company (LJC) in March 2009. Longhorn Jeans are less expensive, great looking, quality USA jeans. This is a unique, American made, affordable women’s jean and men’s jean with great fits.

LJC Founders Matt and Amanda Kimes Holding one of their USA Jeans

LJC Founders Matt and Amanda Kimes

Matt and Amanda are no strangers to denim. They both grew up showing American Quarter Horses and racking up quite a few trophies along the way. Naturally, family owned and operated Longhorn Jean Company focused on the horse industry when it was first founded. However, today people who are wearing these classic USA jeans probably never even rode a horse. These American-made denim jeans are built to be an all day worker plus a night time styler.

We would sum up their style as “classic”. They prefer simple and dark washes and draw inspiration from the 40’s and 50’s. Of course Longhorn Jeans are made in the USA since they are being featured on They go as far as using American sourced denim, zippers, thread and tagging to ensure that made in USA means what it says.

Pile of Long Horn Jean Company USA Jeans

Est. 2009

Every jean designer has a unique focus and with Longhorn Jean Company it has to be their fit. Whether you are looking at their most popular women’s jean, The Betty, or trying on a pair of their men’s jean, The Barney, you cannot go wrong with the fit.

The Sally Ladies Jeans by Longhorn Jean Company

LJC Women’s Jean “The Sally”

Longhorn Jean Company can be found in over 50 retailers across the country and even in far away places such as Canada, England and Europe. Their price point is just right at an affordable range of $65-$110. We look forward to seeing more of these wonderful USA jeans.

Man wearing The Lawson Men's Jean by Longhorn Jean Company and holding a sign which reads "Lawson"

LJC Men’s Jean “The Lawson”

Bonus: Why the name Longhorn? While most couples buy a dog or a cat as their first “couple” pet, the Kimes went a different route. They purchased two longhorns! Every USA jeans style is named after an animal on their ranch (“Lilly” is a horse. “Waston” is a goat.) Matt and Amanda we love your logo. It was a good choice!

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