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Raleigh Denim Workshop is who we are featuring today. They make amazing USA jeans and are founded by Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko – did we tell you we love startup couples? More on that later.

Raleigh Denim Original Raw Thin USA Jeans

Raleigh Denim Original Raw Thin USA Jeans

Surprisingly, this USA jean company is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, home of the original great American denim. Now that American is somewhat of a textile manufacturing “ghost town” Raleigh Denim is the symbolic denim hope.

They source their fabric locally from one of America’s premier mills, Cone Denim Mills. Thus, Raleigh Denim’s handmade USA jeans are crafted from White Oak Cone Denim.

Raleigh Denim has their very own curatory. From one curator to another – we have analog envy. Their heart and soul are stitched into every single pair and that is why we swear by these USA jeans.

Picture of jeans being folded

Each pair is signed by the founders.

All of their jeans are meticulously detailed and sewn on an old-school 43200G Union Special chain stitch hemmer. They focus exclusively on small batches and each pair is unique. Cool points – quality inspection includes Sarah and Victor signing the inside pocket of each and every pair of jeans that leaves their workshop. Raleigh Denim also hand stamps the # of your pair in the batch run on a leather patch.

Old School Hemming Machine

Vintage American Sewing Machines

Many people have different answers to the question “How do I wash my jeans?” Our typical answer is “You wash your jeans?” But if you must we definitely recommend that you follow the manufacturers instructions. Raleigh Denim recommends wearing them for 3-6 months without washing to break them in. When/if you must wash them, do the inside out in cold water routine. We recommend hand washing these USA jeans with a touch of color-safe detergent and hang dry still inside out.

Take a closer look at the Original Raw Thin Fit.

  • Made in USA.
  • Fabric from USA.
  • Sold online (Shop Denim at Need Supply Co.) and at select stockists.
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