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American Made Dorm & Home

American Made Dorm,  in September 2011, is the result of the recognition that there are options for high quality, custom-made bedding – Made in America – for college and boarding school students. The quality of the dorm bedding is unrivaled by overseas products sold by competitors. American Made Dorm® contracted with a mill in South Carolina to create new jobs, as well as forging relationships with six other suppliers of American-made goods.


In May 2012, this women-owned small business launched its first summer season providing American-made bedding and accessories to students. Over two million freshmen will move to campus housing in the United States in 2012. Those students will spend, on average, over $800 on back to college purchases — $46 billion in total. Some economists predict that could result in 500,000 new jobs if those dollars were spent on American Made products.

Think of the impact that two million freshmen buying American made back to school supplies, bedding, and room accessories can make in this economy. By raising awareness and providing a high quality product, American Made Dorm® strives to produce students who will support the “Buy American” movement and thus create job opportunities.

The company expanded its bedding line in August 2012 to include American made home bedding, and in February 2013, introduced baby bedding made in the USA. The company sells its products through its website at and is now appropriately marketed as American Made Dorm & Home to show its broader reach.

Gray Crib Set Made in USA

American Made Dorm & Home is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Bonus points since co-founder is from there – go St.X and UofL!