Lights Down. Volume Up.

Google Nexus Q

Boom! Did you hear that? That was Google firing a shot across Apple’s bow [Note – Author has been an avid Apple enthusiast since the Apple II C]. The Nexus Q (“Q”) was announced yesterday and we are covering it because of a nice little label on the bottom of the device which reads “Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.”

Nexus Q Made in the USA

Boom! Did you hear that?

With a sticker price of $299 it comes in at $100 less than the entry level iPad. Granted, at the moment the Nexus doesn’t exactly wow you with too many features. But knowing that hardware typically gets distributed prior to major software milestones, (iPhone 1 Gen launched June 29, 2007, App Store didn’t launch until July 10, 2008) we are very optimistic. Also, Google hopes to drop the price in relation to sales volume over time.

The Q is essentially a revamped media player for the 21st century. It is designed to be controlled by Android devices (phones and tablets) and play online media. It contains an impressive, built-in, 25-watt amplifier that can be used to power speakers directly.

Nexus Q Controlled by Android Devices

The Q Thrives in the Android Ecosystem

Q Controlled by Android Tablet

Q Controlled by Android Tablet

Google’s decision to make the Q in America is a bold strategic move. With the cost of labor in China rising quickly, we hope Google’s example will become a trend.

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