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“Made in LA” Logo Design Contest Winner | Youth Monument

On Monday, the logo we (Youth Monument) entered in the Made in LA contest, hosted by Mayor Villaraigosa, was selected as the winning design and will be the official hang tag for “Made in LA” clothes.

This whole process moved relatively fast. We heard about the initiative initially at the Sourcing at Magic conference in vegas. The mayor was looking somehow to unify a movement in Los Angeles to pronounce the manufacturers who make everything here. We had someone from the mayor’s office come in and check us out. They loved how our manufacturing is completely integrated in our little nest in the heart of the garment district.

After some time passed, they let us know about the logo design contest. They liked us enough to ask us to enter it along with some other heavyweights (American Apparel). All the contestants had about 5 days to produce something iconic that would be placed proudly signifying a garment was produced here in the great city of Angels.

Youth Monument Map Final

Youth Monument Map Final

We thought the design should represent the true core fundamentals and benefits of being Made in Los Angeles:

1. Domestic jobs
2. American quality craftsmanship

The powerful fist echoes back to the imagery of labor movements of the past. The ampersand that connects the two words Designed and Made are attached by string. Not only does manufacturing generate jobs in design, sales, advertising, marketing, etc. but it also provides opportunities in sewing, cutting, dying, and production managing. The piece of thread symbolizes how intertwined the two aspects are.

As I’m here typing this blog, I can here the sounds of sewing going on through a door in front of me. The low hum provides a comforting white noise, much like the traffic in New York or helicopter propellers in Los Angeles. The only difference is that instead of being reminded I live in a busy city, I’m reminded that we’ve got a great team back there working proudly to produce the softest garments in the country.

Guest Post by David Altman, Youth Monument