15 Mens Toiletry Bag Essentials | Made in USA

15 Mens Toiletry Bag Essentials | Made in USA

Here is a sneak peak into our mens toiletry bag stocked full of American mens skin care products. These essentials will ensure a smooth shave, protect your skin, and even help you smell good better.

Mens Toiletry Bag Essentials

  • TAUN Facial Repair – TAUN small batch men’s skin care, contains the antidote to oil and grime. This will sooth and heal your wind battered, razor burned face leaving it fresh and renewed.
  • Alpine Shave Jelly – Yes, a smooth shave can be achieved with this wonderfully scented and soothing formula.
  • Army Green Canvas Shaving Kit Bag or Dopp Kit – Throw away the ziplock bag. Seriously. Drop it. Now get this mens toiletry bag. Its been through boot camp so you know this bag is tough. YKK zippers and D hooks so you can hang it on the back of your Times Square W Hotel room.
  • Bergamot Aftershave – Thanks to some very talented LA barbers, your smooth shave gets spoiled by oils from the bergamot orange and macadamia nut.

Bergamot Aftershave

  • Boys’ Bathroom Cleaner – What do the BP oil spill and grapefruits have in common? This cleaner. It smells like honeysuckle which is much nicer than ammonia meets Clorox. It also contains the same “colloidal” technology, which is used to clean up oil spills in the ocean.
  • Tru American Men’s Cologne – Do you like to ride horses into the sunset while escaping the local law enforcement because you just robbed a bank? Or, at the very least do you have a bank account? Either way, this will make you smell nicer.
  • Almond Shave Soap – You have to switch the line-up every now and then. Grab this triple-milled Almond shaving soap. Your face will thank you.
Duluth Hanging Shaving Kit Bag

Duluth Hanging Shaving Kit Bag

  • Duluth Hanging Shaving Kit Bag – This shaving kit bag will probably get its own feature soon. For over 130 years, Duluth Pack has been cranking out handmade, built-to-last canvas and leather bags. Warning – This is probably more handsome than you are. Jealously is a downside of owning this mens toiletry bag.
  • Snake Oil Beard Oil – Beards have two settings – clean and rugged looking or ragged and homeless looking. There is no in between. Using 100% natural oils your beard needs an I.V. drip of this bad boy elixir every morning. This is a must-have for your mens toiletry bag if you sport a beard.
  • Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Brick of Soap – Enough said. Get it.

Duke Cannon

  • Fromm Cowhide Razor Strop – Strop, Cowhide? Mom, I’m confused! Easy there fella. Think of this as the fine tools of a stubble surgeon. This makes an excellent gift. This should be in your mens toiletry bag. Next stop, learn how to use a straight razor.
  • Fantastic Face Wash for Men – For your mens toiletry bag, this is a staple. You need to wash your face in the morning and evening. Why do we like Ursa Major Men products? They are made in the USA and try to source most of their ingredients from family-owned growers.
  • Fiber Grease Men’s Hair Pomade – Imperial Barber Products are made by, well, barbers. They know hair and what grease works. This works. Throw it in your mens toiletry bag.
  • Fortifying Face Balm for Men – Think of face balm as chapstick for your entire face. It nourishes, calms, protects, hydrates and just feels really good, especially if you ride motorcycles all day as a stunt driver. Just say’in.
  • Glycerin Shave Soap – Throw this in your dopp kit and a smooth shave is guaranteed. Every mens toiletry collection deserves a solid shave soap.

For more Men’s toiletry bag and groom kit essentials check out our store.