Premium Camera Straps & Accessories by Mod - Hands on Review

Premium Camera Straps & Accessories by Mod – Hands on Review

PCS-01-EARTZIG-2After our Best Designer Camera Straps write-up last year, the wonderful women from Mod sent us a made in the USA premium camera strap to try for ourselves. After almost a year of in the field testing with two little boys the following is our report…

We received the Earthy Zig design camera strap by choice in record time – thanks to fast shipping – and immediately put it to use. Installation was easy and took less than five minutes. On a side note, anyone who owns a DSLR camera knows that putting on a camera strap requires the small fingers of a grade schooler, the hand dexterity of a skilled brain surgeon and the patience of a grandmother. Or in other words, it’s nearly impossible. Mod realizing this upfront makes sure that this is the last time you ever need to install a camera strap. They implemented quick release ends. Brilliant! Five stars!!

At first glance, the Mod strap is sophisticated and savvy with its progressive design. It stands out in the crowd. Literally, we took it to Legoland in California and multiple passers-by asked us, “Where did you find that camera strap?” In the looks category, this premium camera strap gets a 10 out of 10!


CAT in the Field with the Mod Premium Camera Strap

Looks are one thing, but the main attraction is the comfort. After lugging around the Canon T3i for six minutes you start to ache that the day’s excursion will last six more hours. In our pre-Mod life we would cowardly toss the camera (gently nestle it safely back in its cocoon) under the Bob dual stroller only to miss those once in a lifetime candid shots with our sons. Thanks to the Mod premium camera strap that is a thing of the past. The ever so soft plush signature lining evenly distributes the weight around the neck and eliminates the annoying rub and red marks that the barbaric stock Canon strap (hence dubbed “El Cheapo”) left. For comfort, Mod gets two thumbs up!!!

So far there has been no downside. We waited ten months to post this review so the camera strap would be put through the course. In case you were wondering, the “course” included five trips to amusement parks, multiple states and countless community events.

When it comes to comfort and fashion, sometimes one gets sacrificed for the other’s benefit. That is definitely not the case with Mod premium camera straps and accessories made in the USA. With shipping in two business days and a price under $50 you are a fool if you do not upgrade your “El Cheapo” with the Mod premium strap. They have a plethora of cool and funky designs to choose from along with matching camera bags and accessories all made in America. Get yours today at!