Ready Assembled Furniture | Soapbox

Ready Assembled Furniture | Soapbox

For those who outgrow Ikea, or dare say want to see what else is out there, you will want to pay attention to Soapbox. Crafted in the beautiful Garden State, New Jersey, this American made ready assembled furniture company has quite a versatile line of furniture. In the market for a beautiful flat pack table? Read on.

Ready Assembled Furniture

Ready Assembled Furniture

Soapbox uses real materials. Step aside, compressed wood with laminate fake finish. I need to divert for just a moment to vent about that fake, wood finish on compressed wood (or whatever material it is). When those cheap, ready assembled furniture solutions, which still cost over $100, gets wet, or chips slightly, or peels, you can kiss any respectable presentation of that furniture out the window. From then on it looks like dingy, cheap, “soon to be on Craigslist”, furniture.

Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

Another reason why we love this made in USA furniture company is because they started Soapbox for the right reasons. They challenged themselves to create something that:

  • Includes instructions in English
  • Affordable
  • High quality using real materials
  • Ready to assemble without tools (sans engineering degree)

Flat Pack Table

What makes better flat pack furniture? Wood and metal. Soapbox makes furniture that will last a long time. That wood finish you see is real. It is natural linseed oil applied by hand. Flax seeds, which are the little culprits responsible for linseed oil, are good for your Soapbox and nice on the environment. Moving forward, your Soapbox just needs a little TLC once a season – damp cloth for the hardware and a nice wood safe polish (They recommend Howard Feed-N-Wax).

Soapbox offers a limited edition flat pack table series on a first come, first serve basis. For example, one of their limited runs were made from a reclaimed 200 year old American Pine. This beautiful wood once served as a ceiling beam in Hoboken, New Jersey. Soapbox also offers custom pieces on a quote basis.

Limited Edition – 200 year old American Pine

American made ready assembled furniture including award winning flat pack table designs only by Soapbox. Check them out today and be sure to tell them sent you.

Thanks to Rob for this suggested feature. Do you know of an American company making great things in the USA that deserves to be featured? Let us know!