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Ties for Men | Vintage Ties by General Knot & Co.

There comes a point where you are shopping for the best ties for men. This could be a personal crusade or one conducted by a friend or loved one. More recently, our interests have honed in on vintage ties and bow ties by General Knot & Co.

Two gents with completely different backgrounds crossed paths and found they have at least one thing in common. The common link was a desire to resurrect vintage colors and patterns into bow ties and vintage ties for men. From that fateful encounter, General Knot & Co. was born.

Vintage Tie - 1950s French Blue and Off-white Plaid

1950s French Blue and Off-white Plaid

Handmade in New England, General Knot & Co. is proud to have their products created by the world’s finest craftsmen in the USA. Their American vintage ties for men are produced in some of the most exclusive tailoring shops.

We feel that General Knot & Co.’s ties for men are extraordinary for the sheer simple reason that they curate their own fabrics from the past. They will stop at nothing to find the perfect pattern sourced from estate sales, auctions, dealers and collectors nationwide.

We love history reborn through fashion.

For all you know, the General Knot & Co.’s vintage ties that you wear out on the town could contain fabric that was part of John F. Kennedy’s inaugural ball in 1961. They truly are rare finds.

vintage bow ties

Vintage Bow Ties – 1970s Tonal Green Print

General Knot & Co.’s ties for men make the perfect gift for dad, son, co-worker, or spouse. A nice vintage tie or bow tie will add the perfect splash of style to one’s ensemble.

A personal note to General Knot & Co. – Shameless request, we would love to wear one of your vintage ties for men in a video interview with you…