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Military Apparel Company. Don’t let the name fool you. This is not a store where you just buy military uniforms in the practical sense. As a matter of fact, you won’t find a huge supply of your run of the mill military uniforms on their site. Interested yet? You should be. So what is Military Apparel Company? Founder and Designer, Eve, sums it up best, “Change the World one creation at a time by creating custom, meaningful bags and accessories crafted from personal military uniforms while giving back to the Military and their families.”

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Charity Bag by Military Apparel

Changing the world one bag at a time.

Military Apparel Company, in an innovative way, uses American service men’s and women’s military uniforms to create special, funky, fun and extraordinary apparel designs. Every item is truly one of a kind because it is made from your special person’s uniform. Here’s hot it works:
  1. Select an item from Military Apparel Company’s collection
  2. Customize it, add your own style to it!
  3. Mail the service uniform to them
  4. Sit back and in two to three weeks, voila! You have your very own meaningful, custom creation.
If you do not have a uniform to send in, no worries. They have some in stock. A typical uniform will make two handbags with one pair of pants or jacket.
Military Apparel Watch

Do you have the “time” to support America.

What can Military Apparel Company make with a military uniform? They can make all kinds of apparel items for kids, babies, men, women, brides and even pets. They turn uniforms into blankets, decals, and ornaments. The list goes on.

Military Apparel Company’s website is loaded with raving testimonials. These powerful testimonies reinforce the mission behind this company. By taking a loved ones uniform and sending it in to Military Apparel Company, people are able to create treasured and functional keepsakes. They make great gifts and pay tribute to the wonderful military service of a family member or close friend. What is more American that? What a great way to give back to the military and their families!

Blossom Flower Pin

The Awesome Blossom Flower Pin

Military Apparel Company not only offers customized handbags but they also offer military blankets and awesome military gifts for the entire family! You may think a blanket is a blanket but listen to the following patron:

This blanket means so much to us. It doesn’t just offer remembrance of Dylan, it offers hope for healing. It’s as though we still have a part of him with us; a part of him that is holding our daughter when she is wrapped up in the blanket. She will always be able to put it around her and she will be in her daddy’s arms again. We will never be able to thank you enough for creating something so special in memory of Dylan.
Wrapped in Love Blanket

Wrapped in Love Blanket

We encourage all of our readers to check out Military Apparel Company for wonderful gift ideas and keepsakes. Eve and team, keep up the great work! We love your products and service to the American made community and commitment to keeping it made in USA.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Eve, the Founder and Designer of Military Apparel, on the American Made Movement Podcast by Her story is truly inspirational.

The curators at have a special interest in today’s feature as our immediate families are stocked full of veterans. Both of our fathers served in two different wars. Thank you Zeus for your service during Vietnam and the late Vince for your service during Korea.