Wiffle Bat & Ball | Made in USA

Wiffle Bat & Ball | Made in USA

The yellow, skinny, plastic wiffle bat is synonymous with summer. Whether learning how to throw a wiffle ball, setting up a wiffle ball field, or just wiffle ball pitching in the background, it conjures up memories for almost all of us.

Est. 1953

Wiffle Ball History

Back in 1953, Davd Mullany of Connecticut wanted a ball that could curve easily for his 12-year old son. The plastic ball he designed would result in numerous strikeouts or as his son called them “whiffs”. Hence, the “wiffle” ball, Made in USA, was born.

Wiffle Ball Pitching

Wiffle ball pitching is fun and full of variety with its many curveballs and sinkers due to the unique design of the ball which is about the same size as a regulation baseball.

How to Throw a Wiffle Ball

How to Throw a Wiffle Ball

There are a number of grips resulting in a variety of pitches that can be thrown with the American made wiffle ball. In fact, everything you could possibly want to know and more on how to throw a wiffle ball can be found here. The basic throw involves two fingers spread apart on top and thrown overhead.

An American Made Pastime

Wiffle Bat

Combine the whiffle ball with the wiffle bat that measures a mere 32mm in diameter and you end up with serious backyard fun. This is all of the made in USA sporting equipment that you need for a good time at your next BBQ.

Wiffle Ball Field

Wiffle.com has this to say about creating a wiffle ball field

[W]e recommend a minimum dimension of 20 feet in width at the home run markers (approx. 8 paces) by about 60 feet long (approx. 23 paces) from home plate to each home run marker. The field is laid out with foul lines and markers for singles, doubles triples and home run areas.

Wiffle Ball Field


Wiffle Ball Gear

The wiffle ball bat and ball are very affordable and make a great present for kids of all ages (hint hint Dad’s too!). We’ve rounded up a few different options depending on the size of your next wiffle ball tournament. Once you secure the gear you just need to brush up on how to throw a wiffle ball and setup your wiffle ball field. Presto! Instant American fun.

What’s your favorite wiffle ball experience?

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