World's Best Flour Grain Mills - Made in the USA by Retsel Corporation

World’s Best Flour Grain Mills – Made in the USA by Retsel Corporation

I love baking. I love making home made pancakes, I love baking bread and I love knowing every single ingredient that is put in my family’s food. In baking and creating you use a lot of different grains. Not always can you find these grains in a powdered or coarse form. With the Retsel Flour Grain Mills you don’t have to go out searching at different health food stores and paying high prices to find what you are looking for. You can purchase the raw grain and grind it yourself in these made in the USA mills.

There are three types of Retsel Mills. The Mill-Right, Uni-Ark and Little-Ark.

Mill rite model

Mill-Rite Flour Mill

The Mill-Right is the most powerful and quietest grain mill out there. This machine is designed to give you about 20 years of no stress operation with minimal maintenance. 20 years! Where can you find that kind of quality in today’s market? This mill is adjustable and will grind anything from coarse cereal to fine flour. The self cleaning stones can produce .5-1.5 cups of fine flour per minute. Not only does this grinder grind grain but the stainless steel wheels will effectively and efficiently grind small nuts, berries, soybeans and other difficult grains.

Uni-Ark and Little-Ark Mills

Similar But Not the Same

The Uni-Ark and Little-Ark are manual grinders and very similar in functionality. The Little Ark being designed about 50 years ago while the Uni-Ark was born in 1992. Both mills use the same parts and have identical performance. The Little Ark was designed with the intention of being motorized and has a two foot wide stance which is unique to this design. It also accepts different funnel sizes. It can hold up to 6 quarts which allows you to keep the machine going with out refilling as often. The Uni-ark has the grain hopper attached to the body which makes it ideal for hand operation.

Retsel Mills Color Palate

What’s your style?

There are 12 custom colors you can choose from to fit your kitchen and cooking style.

Another notable thing about this company is the Retsel Mills warranty. They have what they say is “indisputably the best warranty on the market today.” I have to agree. There is a 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty on all of their electric mills and a lifetime limited warranty on all manual mills. This warranty includes all parts and labor to the original purchaser of the mill. Also, if you send in your mill for repair and purchased it before the color options were available, you can send in a complete unit to them to be repaired and they will return it to you with a new look at no extra change to you. Now that is service!

Due to the high quality nature of these mills, it is very important that you purchase your mill on the official Retsel website. Believe it or not, there have been sightings of “impostors” out there. Make sure you get your World’s Best Flour Grinder right here in the USA, supporting jobs for America.

Sourced by: Kari M. Naples FL